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Fathom's books are printed in Canada and the United States.

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Books will be shipped via USPS Media Mail. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

All paperback editions, please contact us if you are interested in hardcover.

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 A Boy, A Bike, Alaska! / Carlson / Paperback $10.99USD

 A Home for Henry / Schofield / Paperback $9.99USD A Home for Henry

 Alaska Cruise 1909 / Penny & Taylor / Paperback $10.00USD

 Alaska Hoops: Coaching Tips and Tales from the Girl's Locker Room

 Crabtree / Paperback $11.95USD

 Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska /Matthews / Paperback $16.99USD

 Atlin Where Everyone Knows Your Dog's Name/ Smith / Paperback $24.95USD

 Coloring Alaska's Cordova / Anderson / Paperback $16.99USD

 Conflicting Landscapes, American Schooling / Alaska Natives

 Bates and Oleksa / Paperback $19.95USD

 Explore Alaska / Shofield / Paperback $14.95USD

 Growing up in Alaska, A Baby Arctic Tern / Taylor / Paperback $10.99USD

 Luna's Star / Rasch / Paperback $10.99USD

 Midnight on the Alaska Highway / Taylor / Paperback $9.99USD

 Penelope's Hope / Guderian / Paperback $5.99USD

 Saga of an Aviation Survivor / Hunt / Paperback $18.95USD

 Stella and Jonas Series #1:
  Drunk on Peace and Quiet / Crabtree / Paperpack $9.95USD

 Stella and Jonas Series #2:
  Hung Over with Grandma/ Crabtree / Paperback $9.95USD

 Stella and Jonas Series #3:
  Pick Your Poison / Crabtree / Paperback $9.95USD

The Wonders of Nettles Nettles / Schofield / Paperback $22.95USD

 Try and Be Somebody / Crabtree / Paperback $14.99USD

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Ordering from Fathom

Discount Schedule: 5-11 books 35%, 12 or over 45%.
You may mix books to reach total.

Terms: Net 60 days

Delivery schedule: Please allow 3-4 weeks

Shipping: USPS Media

Shipping charges will be added to your invoice at cost. Media rate shipping for 25 books is about $20.00. We waive shipping charges on books sold at book signings or ordered immediately after the signing when books are ordered through Fathom Publishing. Shipping charges are also waived for purchases following initial outreach sales contact by our authors.

To order online, please complete the order form at

Or email us at with your contact information, titles and quantities.

We will send you a completed order form and invoice.

Book Signings

We would be pleased to do a book signing at your location and provide the books for you to sell. We would then invoice you after the sale for the books sold and any additional books that you would like to stock. We waive shipping charges when the books when ordered through Fathom Publishing are for a book signing at your location.

Ordering from Ingram Distribution

Orders can also be placed through your Ingram account. Returns only accepted when shipped direct to Fathom following the terms below.

Returns Policy

Books may be returned to Fathom Publishing for credit no sooner than three months and no later than one year after the date of invoice. Books must be in clean, saleable condition. Credit on account will be issued for accepted returns. No cash refunds. Rejected returns may be returned at your expense.

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