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A Home for Henry

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Read night after night for togetherness time.

A Home for Henry

Kids will delight in this read-aloud bedtime tale filled with catchy rhymes and eye-popping illustrations.

Join Henry as he heads out into the world to find a home. Problems abound!

Cold winds began to blow.
Rivers of water began to flow.
Henry shivered with cold and wet
and he began to moan and fret.
Pity poor me. All wet and alone.
Pity poor me. I have no home.
Pity poor me. I have no one.
Pity poor me. I have no fun.

How Henry handles his problems is a life lesson for kids of all ages.
This storybook is filled with fun, rhymes, and delightful pictures.
Play the game of ‘finding the crow’ that appears on every page.

Explore Alaska

Explore Alaska is a fun-filled, fact-packed book for the entire family. Discover Alaska's plants, places, animals, history, and cultures. Join Sourdough and Grandmother for insights into animal biology and Native life. The rhyming text helps your little ones with language learning, and the prose deepens knowledge of Alaska's diversity. Find must-see places to visit, from bird sanctuaries and local festivals to Alaskan mud volcanos. Tourists and Alaskans, kids and elders, will all find hours of entertainment with one hundred pages of coloring, drawing exercises, games, fun facts, and quizzes. This book is guaranteed to keep kids busy and learning in car, camp, or home.

Beyond Road's End

Living our dream didn’t require outrageous abilities. Besides, this story’s far bigger than us. It’s about an entire community, and what working together can achieve.—from the Introduction

Beyond Road’s End offers a welcome escape from crowded cubicles and the fumes of freeway gridlock as readers tag along with Janice and Ed on their journey to build a new life on their own terms in rural Alaska.

The adventurous couple came to Alaska from New Hampshire with dreams of living richly in the wilderness on ten dollars a day. Ed brought his experience as a builder, and Janice brought her New England work ethic. Together they fell in love with the heartbreakingly beautiful landscape of the Far North.

Part love story, part adventure, and part natural history, Beyond Road’s End is a touching memoir of carving out a life in Alaska during the state’s coming-of-age decade between the completion of the oil pipeline and the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill.

The Wonders of Nettles

Weed or super food? Stinging nettles are found on all continents (except Antarctica). These wild plants are despised by many, revered by the wise. Nettles contain every nutrient from A to Zinc.

Learn how to:

  • Identify nettles, and gather them safely
  • Use nettles in the kitchen for delicious, nutritious creations
  • Use nettles to boost your immune system and enhance health and beauty
  • Use nettles for feeding dogs, cats, birds, and livestock
  • Use nettles for garden health, native butterfly survival, and much more

The Wonders of Nettles is the product of forty years of using nettles and sharing them with others. Nesto (Nettle pesto) and nettle tea are two of Janice’s foundational health practices. Join Janice in enhancing your health with herbs and nutritious wild food.

Janice Schofield Eaton

Janice Schofield Eaten

Janice J. Schofield is an herbal speaker, teacher, and author of the classic herbal books: Discovering Wild Plants and Alaska’s Wild Plants.

Janice’s herbal work bloomed in Alaska where her personal quest for discovering wild plants led to careers in herbal teaching and writing, and her activism for environmental protection.

Janice and Ed were founding members of Alaska’s first land trust in 1989. Janice continues to support the environmental work of Kachemak Heritage Land Trust (KHLT) through a portion of her royalties.

Janice now makes her home in New Zealand. You can follow her here.

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