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Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

by Bonnye Matthews

A novel for middle grade readers. A year in the life of Pachyrhinosaurs and other dinosaurs living on the North Slope of Alaska seventy thousand years ago. They lived near each other and migrated together in a loose-knit community. The story follows Pakky as she experiences her first winter and learns about snow and ice. She meets other species of dinosaurs and is injured by ravenous Dromaeosaurs. In the spring, she migrates with her mother, Matriarch, back to their summer feeding ground. In her first year, she learns a life cycle. She discovers that green which makes her food so good, during the time of constant light, hides in the lights in the sky during the time of constant dark, while they starve. She learns green returns during the time of light-moving-to-constant light. A reason for hope when starving.

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"In Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska, we get to enter into the minds of Arctic dinosaurs. True, we don’t really know what went on in their relatively small brains, but the very fact they lived there for millions of years suggests they knew what they were doing, and they had the skills necessary to survive many challenges they faced. In the process of imagining their lives, we open a window into a world unlike anything on Earth today…"
Patrick S. Druckenmiller, Ph.D.
University of Alaska Museum of the North
Department of Geosciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Color Contest

Nobody knows what dinosaurs' colors were, but likely they blended into their environment which would have been brown dirt and green plants. Think of animals today and their colors. The colors and markings vary a lot. They are not limited to brown and green.

This is your chance to color Thescelosaurs and their surrounding territory. Use your imagination and have fun with coloring.

Be sure your name and email are on your entry. Upload your entry here.

Click the color page to download.

Contest Rules

- Contest open to children ages 14 and under; void where prohibited.

- One (1) entry per person per contest, please.

- To enter, download the coloring page, print out the page, color it in however you like, and return your entry to Fathom Publishing.

- Write your name and email address on your coloring page.

- Entries can be scanned and uploaded here or you can send your entry (via U.S. Mail) to:

Fathom Publishing Company
PO Box 200448
Anchorage, AK 99520-0448

- Be sure to include child's name and age, plus a parent or guardian's street address or e-mail address so that winners may be notified. 


- Entries will be judged at contest end, and prizes will be awarded then.

- Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity and originality.

- Decisions are at the discretion of Fathom Publishing and are subject to change at any time.


- Winners will be notified by email or postal mail.

- Up to five winners will recieve a free copy of Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska.

- Contest ends January 5, 2022.

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