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Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

For older kids with illustrations designed to be colored

Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska

Pachyrhinosaurus and other dinosaurs lived on the North Slope of Alaska seventy million years ago. They lived near each other and migrated together in a loose-knit community. The story follows Pakky as she experiences her first winter and learns about snow and ice. She meets other species of dinosaurs and is injured by ravenous Dromaeosaurs. In the spring, she migrates with her mother, Matriarch, back to their summer feeding ground.

In her first year, she learns about a life cycle. She discovers that the green which makes her food so good during the time of constant light, hides in the lights in the sky during the time of constant dark, while the dinosaurs starve. She learns that the green and the good food returns during the time of light-moving-to-constant light. A reason for hope when starving.

"In Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska, we get to enter into the minds of Arctic dinosaurs. True, we don't really know what went on in their relatively small brains, but the very fact they lived there for millions of years suggests they knew what they were doing, and they had the skills necessary to survive many challenges they faced. In the process of imagining their lives, we open a window into a world unlike anything on Earth today…" Patrick S. Druckenmiller, Ph.D. University of Alaska Museum of the North Department of Geosciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Middle Grade Fiction Awards

Nautilus Book Awards 2023 Silver Award Middle Grade Fiction, Ages 8-12

Royal Dragonfly 2022 Honorable Mention Middle Grade Fiction Ages 8-12

Special Library Version

Libraries can order a hardbound edition designed specifically for library readers who can download the coloring page for free.

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Pakky's Tale: A Coloring Book for Young Children

Designed for Younger Kids

Pakky's Tale

by Bonnye Matthews

Younger kids can now join the world of dinosaurs that left footprints in winter snow in the just-released Pakky's Tale: A coloring book with a story and learning activities.

Pakky lived at the top of the world above the Arctic Circle and her mother and brother, Ranny. Together they migrate with other dinorsaurs seeking protection from cold winter winds in the mountains Pakky learns the skills of living in the snow during her first in her first year of life. Pakky's Tale is based on the middle-grade fiction, Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska.

Younger children now have their own coloring book including a tale about Pakky, a young dinosaur experiencing her first migration.

Illustrations by JobimJr.

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Meet Author Bonnye Matthews

Book Signing at Fred Meyers - 11am to 3pm

Palmer, Alaska

July 15 and 18

August 5 and 8

August 26 and 29

Sept 17 and 20

Wasilla, Alaska

July 22 and 25

August 12 and 15

Sept 3 and 5

Sept 23 and 26

Eagle River, Alaska

July 29 and August 1

August 19 and 22

Sept 9 and 12


Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska Book Reviews

This will be a joy for children and adults alike. Educator 1003450 on NetGalley

It is definitely an interesting story with some really neat information. Angie k, Educator on NetGalley

It's a different twist on dinosaur stories. theresa h, Reviewer on NetGalley

If you're a teacher or simply interested in dinosaurs or, for that matter, Alaska's history, this book should be a must. June P, Reviewer on NetGalley

. . . extremely good for home educators, with children interested in the dinosaur subject Malissa C, Reviewer on NetGalley

This works great for a children's book and isn't dumb down for older generations. Kathryn M, Reviewer on NetGalley

Read all NetGalley reviews here.

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Learn More about Author Bonnye Matthews

Read More about Bonnye

The National Digest's article "Alaskan Author of Multiple Genres Firmly Believes Superiority is an Undesirable, Unattainable..." by Andrew Rhoades describes Bonnye's background and beliefs and details her experiences growing up and becoming a writer.

Bonnye delivered copies of Arctic Dinosaurs of Alaska to the Sherrod Elementary School Library. Read about it here in Scene Magazine in MAKEASCENEAK Magazine of the People's Paper in Palmer, Alaska.

Insane Scouter interview by Scott Roberson.

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