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About Fathom Publishing

Fathom's History

Fathom's Goal

Fathom's goal is to publish quickly while paying careful attention to what is special about each book. We give personal attention to our authors and aim to make them proud to show off their publications.

Early Years


Connie Taylor formed Fathom Publishing Company in 1981 to publish books about Cordova, Alaska. Our first books were Cordova Fire Chief Dewey Whetsell's And the Fire's Not Green and Rose Arvidson's Cordova The First 75 Years. Next followed a coloring book by Cordova artist Mike Anderson, Coloring Alaska's Cordova. Nancy Ross and Mike Anderson collaborated on Cordova's Historic Buildings which included pen and ink drawings of old Cordova buildings and their history.

Legal Texts

Our first legal treatise was published in 1994: Open Meeting Laws by Ann Taylor Schwing covering the open or public meetings of all fifty states. The second edition was printed in 2000 and the third in 2011.

Professor Tamar Frankel, Boston University Law School, is the author of Investment Management Regulation. This law school text is now in the fifth edition with co-author Kenneth E. Burdon. Other legal books followed.

Fiction Books

We started publishing fiction in 2009 with Becky Crabtree's Alaska Hoops: Tips and Tales from the Girls Locker Room. Becky authored the award winning Stella and Jones series: Drunk on Peace and Quiet, Hungover with Grandma, and Pick Your Poison.

Biography & Memoir

Crabtree turned to biography with Try and Be Somebody, a biography of the inspiring life of Dr. Henry Lake Dickason which documents the life of the first president of Bluefield State College, and an early 20th century leader of Black education.

A Sailor's Life in World War II by Z.W. "Ski" Kowalewski documents his experiences as a pilot during and after World War II. "Ski" flew from four aircraft carriers as an aerial turret gunner in TBF-1 torpedo bombers.

Tamar Frankel's Living in Different Cultures, is a memoir-like collection of keen observations of global culture. Vignettes by the Israeli-born distinguished legal scholar, now 93, guide those from different cultures on how to respect each other and live in harmony.

Alaska Cruise 1909 was written by Bertha Adele Penny following her cruise to Alaska. Constance reprinted her work along with photographs of locations she visited and related newspaper articles.

Kids & Teens

In 2018, publisher Connie Taylor became author Constance Taylor with a children's book. Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern documents the early life of an Arctic Tern in photographs and story told by the baby tern. The site devoted to the book offers videos and children's activities.

Luna's Star and Penelope's Hope were published soon after and other books for kids and teens are in the works.

Other Services


We offer newsletter and program design and printing.

Fathom's newsletter clients include:

Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society newsletters. Fathom Graphics has produced the newsletter for the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society since the first issue in 1981. We were recognized for our service in 1985.

Alaska Chapter Award

Website Design

Some of the sites we've designed are

Global Education Alaska

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