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Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern

Constance Taylor

A Baby Tern grows up and learns to fly.


1909 Alaska Cruise


Alaska Cruise 1909

Compiled by Constance Taylor

Story, newspaper articles and photographs from the early 1900s.

Alaska Hoops


Alaska Hoops

Becky Crabtree

Coaching Tips and Tales from the Girls' Locker Room.

Alaskana from Fathom Publishing

Cordova's Historic Buildings

Nancy Ross and Mike Anderson

Cordova's Historic Buildings

In 1900, when one of the world's richest copper lodes was discovered in Alaska's Wrangell Mountains, Eyak was a fishing village of about 200 people between Odiak Slough and Eyak Lake. The flurry of activity set off by that discovery changed the little community forever. . . . The construction of the railroad to the copper mines drew hundreds of men to the little community of Eyak and it was soon bursting at the seams.

A new townsite, named Cordova, after the bay it overlooked, was laid out. The first lots were sold at auction in May 1908. The town thrived and its promoters unabashedly predicted it would become "the 'Frisco of the North." Cordova's Historic Buildings tells the story of some of the original structures.

Nancy Ross grew up in southern California and is a graduate of the University of California at Riverside. Since moving to Alaska in 1975, she has worked at the Anchorage Times and as news editor of the Cordova Times.

Cordova's Historic Buildings
Nancy Ross
Illustrated by Michael Anderson

Paperbound, 5.75 x 8.75, 27 pages
ISBN 0-9607358-1-X, Published 1983
$6.95 includes USPS postage

Cordova The First 75 Years

Rose Arvidson

Cordova, The First 75 Years

"Seventy-five years ago, the town of Cordova was just rising from the sawdust and shavings of its own creation. To understand why this town grew on this spot, a person needs a sense of its location. Situated on Eyak Lake with Prince William Sound at its front door and the Copper River Flats at its back, it has access to the rich Kennecott copper of the interior up the Copper River, and was adjacent to old and coal lands along the northern Gulf of Alaska. The Copper River & Northwestern Railroad headquartered here to take advantage of all these things, plus its fine harbor. . . . Cordova has been many things over the years; she still is many things. Her myriad different faces at work or play, in good times and disaster times, appear in the pages of this book." – From the foreword by Lone Janson:

Alaska photographer Rose Arvidson's involvement with the history of Alaska is clearly demonstrated in this photographic history of Cordova. Rose has been a participant in the Alaska Positive Travel Exhibit, All Alaska Women's Juried Art Show, All Alaska Juried Art Show, Alaska Photographers Guild and the Cordova Arts and Pagents Show.

Cordova The First 75 Years
Rose C. Arvidson
with Rose Weathers and Ralph Nichols

Paperbound, 8.5 x 10.75, 98 pages
ISBN 0-9607358-3-6, Published 1984
$25.95 includes USPS postage

And the Fire's Not Green

Dewey Whetsell

And the Fire's Not Green "These are the poems of a man involved deeply in his work, his life, his loves. The rhythms and themes are those of an old northern tradition, that of Service and Beach and London. But in spite of archaisms of language and form, the words move in the voice of the poet himself, a contemporary man committed to the life of his community and his friends. . . . All of the poems in this book are reflections of the philosophy, love and thoughts of a man making his line and learning as he goes." – Gary H. Holthaus

Dewey Whetsell moved to Alaska in 1965 where he served for many years as chief of the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department. He was responsible for providing search and rescue and emergency medical services and headed the underwater rescue and recover team. He was recognized for his work in 1980 when he received the Alaska State Firefighters' Association Award as outstanding firefighter of the year. He was also selected as Cordova's Man of the Year.

Rose Arvidson has worked in photography throughout her life and has been an exhibitor in numerous Alaska art shows.

And the Fires Not Green . . .
Dewey Whetsell
Illustrated by Rose C. Arvidson

Paperbound, 5 x 7.5, 87 pages
ISBN 0-9607358-0-1
Published 1981
$12.95 includes USPS postage

Alaska: Where Only the Tough Survive

Robert Parish

Alaska Where Only the Tough Survive Cover

"Few people I know have an ongoing love affair with the outdoors as Parish does. In this book he captures the essence of this unforgiving land in pen and prose." – Carl Sampson, Editor, Juneau Empire, The Capital City Newspaper

"Bob Parish knows Alaska as few others do. He also knows human nature. He weaves the two together in such a way that he provides far more than a gripping tale. he gives the gift of insight and wisdom. Everyone with an interest in Alaskan outdoors should read this collection with enormous interest." – Shiela Nickerson, Editor, Alaska Fish and Game Magazine

Robert Lee Parish came to Alaska in 1946 and settled in Ketchican. The years cast Bob Parish in a variety of roles: salmon trap watchman, construction stiff, sand hog, cook on cannery tenders, shrimper, beach seiner on the Alaska Peninsula, art collector for a steel tycoon, city worker in Juneau and cook on a bear hunting charter boat.

In retirement, Bob wrote freelance articles for the Alaska Fish and Game Magazine. Other books include Alaska's Creatures Great and Small and Birds You'll See by the Sea in Alaska.

Alaska Where Only the Tough Survive
Robert Lee Parish
Illustrated by the author

Paperbound, 6 x 9, 62 pages
ISBN 0-907358-7-9, Published 1987
$9.95 includes USPS postage

Valley of the Eagles

Cary Anderson

Valley of the Eagles

This informative book focuses on the world's largest gathering of bald eagles at Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. Valley of the Eagles showcases this spectacular gathering along the Chilkat River and explains the historic controversy over establishing the eagle preserve near Haines, Alaska.

Valley of the Eagles is illustrated with expert photography and demonstrates why Alaska is the nation's best destination for viewing eagles in the wild. The text covers eagle behavior from eggs to adulthood and explores the eagle's role in cultural symbolism.

The goals and objectives of The American Bald Eagle Foundation are explained, including the foundation's educational and scientific efforts to preserve and protect the eagle throughout its range.

A writer, photographer and broadcaster, Cary Anderson has covered news and features for some of the world's leading media organizations. His photo credits include National Geographic, Newsweek, Popular Photography, Outside Magazine, Astronomy and many other publications. He has written and narrated well over a thousand reports for the CBS Radio Network.

Valley of the Eagles
Cary Anderson in association with
The American Bald Eagle Foundation

Paperbound, 7 x 10, 20 pages
ISBN 0-9607258-9-5, Published 1995, (out of print)

Alaska Association of Small Presses Catalog

Alaska Association of Small Presses Catalog

A collection of 250 titles presented by Alaskan artists, authors and publishers including articles by Patricia Monaghan, Ann Chandonnet and Tee Loftin.


Alaska Association of Small Presses Catalog
Constance Taylor, Editor

Paperbound, 6 x 9, 45 pages
ISBN 0-9607258-9-5, Published 1985
$2.50 includes USPS postage

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