Becky Hatcher Crabtree, Author

Her stories span the miles between Appalachia and the North Slope of Alaska through independent characters from both cultures. Laugh as you look at the world through a determined mountain woman’s eyes, shake your head at the coping skills of her man, and gasp at her older brother’s evil ways.

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Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison cover

Pick Your Poison builds on the first two novels of the series, Drunk on Peace and Quiet and Hung Over with Grandma, but all the reader really needs to know is Stella and Jonas are middle-aged newlyweds who are plagued by Stella’s troubled brother Timmy Lee.
In this sequel, Stella and Jonas face a new obstacle, a huge unwanted natural gas pipeline crossing their mountain farm. At the same time, her brother, a suspected murderer, is pretending to be a preacher at a sunny beach town in South Carolina and is targeting a wealthy woman who lives in a nursing home there. The two plots intersect in a conclusion that features Stella’s usual pragmatic decision-making. She "picks her poison" in a way that may the reader may not expect.

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Hung Over with Grandma

Hung Over with Grandma cover

Continues the love story Stella and Jonas, her Inupiat boyfriend for nearly three decades. It spans the distance from Lindside, a rural community in West Virginia to Atqasuk, a small town in Alaska.

His elderly mother, suffering from the beginnings of dementia and her brother, committed to a state hospital awaiting trial for murder, both create a bumpy road for the new marriage and the lives of Stella and Jonas.

Comparisons between Appalachian and rural Alaskan lifestyles lead to more commonalities that would be imagined. Love of nature, subsistence, hard work, caring for family, independent thinking, respect for one another, and a generous helping of humor link the cultures.

Unusual relationships develop and circumstances based upon revenge threaten the lives of several characters. Unlikely heroes, a dark secret, and a country sheriff are part of the story, but those cannot resolve every challenge. 

Hung Over with Grandma is Foreword INDIE 2016 Finalist for Multicultural and was awarded Best Women's Fiction by Feathered Quill.

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Drunk on Peace and Quiet

Drunk on Peace and Quiet

Stella Francis Boswell has lived the majority of her long life in a quiet town in West Virginia where her days are consumed with volunteering at church functions, selling wares at arts festivals, hiking with her dog Sugar, and occasionally sneaking into cemeteries after dark to catch flower thieves. When the abusive, money-hungry brother she fled from decades ago when she was Penelope Ann Davis shows up at her church, she has to fight to keep her world from falling apart amid accusations of embezzlement, assault, and murder. "Though sanity prevails, Stella's brother isn't the only opportunist in the family and she turns out to be quite the unreliable narrator." US Review of Books.

Eric Hoffer Award

Honorable Mention:  2016 Presses and E-Book Fiction Categories

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Eric Hoffer Book Award for the Small, Academic & Independent Press honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. See Hoffer Award#Presses and Hoffer Award#E-Book Fiction

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Ed Weyhing, Author

Ed Weyhing's stories have been published in Glimmer Train, The Crescent Review, Weber Studies, Cimarron Review, Witness – American Humor, Short Story, Ampersand Press, the anthology Generation to Generation (Papier-Mache Press), The Panhandler and Calliope.

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It Won't Stay Light Forever It Won't Stay Light Forever

A wealthy old gentleman who cannot speak and a cabbie who drives him around every week share an experience that leaves the shocked cabbie with no explanation. A little boy's innocent gesture sets in motion a Sunday morning of terror. A cleaning lady's childhood artwork inspires her at a critical moment. A humiliated carpenter secretly nails his customer's front door shut. A mentally-disabled teenager tries to help a frightened child. A mysterious woman moves into a neighborhood and turns it upside-down.

These and other stories offer solid entertainment along with luminous moments of heartache, humor, fear and hope.

You can see and hear Ed read the story The Hundred-Dollar Tip, included in It Won't Stay Light Forever, on C-Span's program Book TV.

Awarded Third Place 2018 Short Story Feathered Quill Book Awards

It Won't Stay Light Forever
Paperbound, 6.25 x 9.25,174 pages
ISBN 978-1888215-25-0, Published 2017

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Speaking from the Heart

Speaking from the Heart cover

Handsome and quiet, Mbasa Kilu walks with difficulty. He was born with two club feet, and there are many things he can't do well, but he can kick a football like a champion. When he was a little boy, playing by himself, his grandmother gave him a football to kick, suggesting he aim for a big tree nearby. Over the years he has gotten expert at this, and when he is with his friends on the local soccer team, he kicks his football up into a huge tree on the sidelines while they practice.

One day a visiting American is amazed when he sees Mbasa Kilu kicking the football with precision high into the tree. Soon a scout from an NFL team visits, and Mbasa Kilu is off to a very different life in the United States. After a spectacular beginning, his career abruptly ends. But for many years his record will stand for the longest field goal in NFL history.

All his life girls have mostly shied away from him or ignored him except for Ofi Leiya, fond of him from their school days, but in love with his best friend.; His fortunes in love change, but not before he has to outwit a corrupt gang which is robbing and terrorizing people in his village at home.

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Speaking from the Heart
Paperbound, 6.25 x 9.25,164 pages
ISBN 978-1-888215-24-3, Published 2013

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The Pageboy Murder

Z.W. Kowaleski

In this short mystery by WWII Veteran Mike Kowalewski, Susan Height was at the top of her game. A young and successful spelling bee champion, she had made a name for herself as the “Pageboy Girl” thanks to her classic pageboy hairstyle, then went on to launch a major publishing company. Her sudden and tragic death in her company Lear Jet is considered an accident until one intrepid investigator starts digging a little deeper. His investigation uncovers many twists, and in a few short chapters, the resolution to the mystery will leave you with the feeling that justice truly does triumph in the end.