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Luna's Star

Sheamus Rasch


Activities and coloring page here

In a deep dark forest lived a little owlet named Luna. Like all owls, Luna is a nocturnal animal which means she stays up all night and sleeps during the day. One night, Luna’s Momma and Papa told her, “Little Bird, you can be anything you want to be. Only the sky is the limit. So dream big.”

Fly with a determined owlet named Luna as she reaches for the stars.

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Activities and coloring page here.

Penelope's Hope

Laurie Guderian

Illustrator Anthony LeBeau

A make-believe story about a young dog with very special dreams for her future.

Learn more about Penelope here.

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Growing up in Alaska:
A Baby Arctic Tern

Constance Taylor

Illustrator Ben O'Brien

Growing up in Alaska A baby Arctic Tern hatches in Alaska. He has much to learn: how to eat, how to swim, how to bathe. But his greatest wish ... is to FLY!

This is the story of an Alaskan Arctic Tern as he grows up in Alaska's Potter Marsh near Anchorage. The text, photographs and illustrations explain his experiences. Children see how he keeps on trying when practicing new skills. Perfect for reading to younger children and for older children to read to themselves. A photographic story of learning, growing and spreading your wings.

Learn more about this award-winning children's book here. Also find children's activities and videos of Arctic Tern's life.

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